Mobile Websites

Capitalize on the growing number of consumers who are using mobile to shop, search, review and find businesses like yours. If you don't have a mobile optimized website you are losing customers.

"Before working with Jake at Phare we had no mobile optimized website. After viewing what our website looked like in most smart phones we knew were losing out on customers that were trying to find us on their mobile device. After setting up our mobile website which took less than a week we noticed an immediate increase in calls to our business. We especially like the 'Tap to Talk' feature!"Jason Oliver, SpinSlide

  BEFORE                                                                       AFTER

website before mobile customization     website after mobile site creation

As you can see, a mobile site provides for easier navigation, cleaner interface,
more customer interaction and easier to navigate contact options.

Currently over 30% of most website traffic to local businesses comes from a mobile device. Google and other market research has shown that by 2013 there will be more mobile searches than standard desktop searches! Soon, not having a mobile website will be like not having a website at all.

A mobile website can easily be set up within a week and is often times more affordable than traditional websites. There is no reason your business should not have a mobile website

Features Your Mobile Website Will Have

  1. Easy to navigate. No more hassle of navigating a non mobile site and trying to find phone numbers, locations and coupons.
  2. Easy to find location information. Your customers want to do one of two things when they find your mobile website, call you or get directions. Our custom mobile websites give them that instantly.
  3. Tap to talk. You can easily lose customers if they can't find your phone number or have to write it down before they can call you. All mobile websites come with a "Tap to Talk" feature giving them the ability to instantly call you.
  4. Custom pages. Need menus to show off appetizers, meals and other foods? Need pages to showcase the services you provide? With our custom mobile websites we can create almost anything you want for your mobile website.

BEFORE                                                  AFTER

knockderry mobile website before    knockderry mobile website after


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